the legend of captain crow’s teeth

Direction: Mathew Lenton
Set and Costume: Garance Marneur
Lighting: James Mackenzie
Photography: Ludovic Des Cognets

'Garance Marneur's design (including a lovely model ship to ride on the bed waves) and James Mackenzie's lighting making it extra spooky' British Theatre Guide

'Matthew Lenton’s production whips up a nicely eerie atmosphere and is particularly fine at capturing a world of childhood fears, showing how we latch onto one thing and let it grow in our minds until it blocks out all else' Evening Standard

'The opening play in Purni Morell’s first Unicorn season as artistic director is a compellingly atmospheric piece with the stage dominated by the huge porthole in Garance Marneur’s set and dark, spooky lighting from James Mackenzie. It’s a promising beginning.' The Stage